12/365 horses

I bet you did not even know we had horses, did you? That shows that I am a very crappy horse owner, I have not seen them in so long. I’m so guilt ridden over not visiting my fur babies that I give myself bad dreams. They are taken care of by the stable manager, they just miss me and it makes me feel sad. So this afternoon I loaded up all my kiddos and we went to visit Chutney (25), Misha (5) and Pokey (19). Chutney was pissed, but I wooed her with carrots. This is Misha reaching for a carrot. I hope that I will find the resolve to make this a weekly trip.

12/365 misha


2 thoughts on “12/365 horses

  1. i CANT believe i didn’t know you had horses!
    i grew up riding horses competitively until i left for college. they were my life! i miss it so much. i love the way horses/stable smells. it feels like home in a way.
    i bet your babies LOVED seeing their horsies!

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