1/365 new year

Feels exciting to type 1/365, it’s a new year full of new and exciting possibilities. We started our new year by sleeping in til 8:00 (thank you littles!), taking down Christmas decorations and then Bunny and I went to the mall for the spending of the gift cards. I love to shop as long as it’s quick. Bunny on the other hand loves to methodically pick thru everything (just like her aunt), I swear it causes me physical pain. But it’s over now….yay!!!

1/365 shopping

While at the mall we ran into Sarah who was shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding, we all know how fun that is! It’s always so weird to run into family when you are out and about as you can see she joined us for one of Bunny’s gift card stops. Looks fun huh?



2 thoughts on “1/365 new year

  1. As much as I adore your pictures, I LOVE when you put words with them too!! What a funny story! Methodical causes me great deals of pain, too.

  2. That picture of Sarah is totally cracking me up! And sounds like we’re the same kind of shoppers – I can tell I wouldn’t last one store with Bunny, it sounds like true torture (even though I love her to pieces)!

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