31/365 just like Mom

Bunny has decided that she wants to start carrying a camera around and documenting her life. Cool!

31/365 just like mom


30/365 slumber party

Bunny is having her birthday slumber party tonight. The last time we had a slumber party was for her 8th birthday. It has taken me six years to heal. That party was hell!!!! This party is good! No screaming, no fighting no one refusing to come out of bedroom closet. If keeps going like this I might agree to another one.

The picture is of girls watching a movie outside (we projected it on the house) they are snuggled in sleeping bags and blankets.

30/365 slumber party

29/365 not feeling well

*update* 30 minutes later he was running around. Now he is sitting at the table yelling at Lila oinking down handfuls of booty…weird!*

Poor Henny is feeling very yucky. Not sure what’s going on but you can see how absolutely miserable he is. I was watching him play outside with his brothers, when he started slowly walking around and then he laid his little head down in the grass. I was not sure if he was playing and then Lila ran over and took his hand and smoothed his hair. He just laid there and that is not normal for my very active little guy. We whisked him inside and he said he wanted to take a tubby. Right now he is snuggled on the couch with Daddy and Li reading books. My poor little man!!! Is there something going around???

29/365 not feeling well

25/365 sumo li

I had to get some new cloth diapers for┬ámy little chunka┬ámunka, the g diapers are tiny on my girl. Her new diaper covers crack me up! She looks like a miniature sumo wrestler with her thick white diaper cover, her chunky little thighs and plump little belly…tee hee hee!

25/365 sumo li