355/365 princess and the frog

I took the kiddos (except little Henny) to see the princess and the frog. The boys giggled and munched popcorn, Bunny put up her feet and ate her junior mints (yuck…chocolate covered tooth paste) and Miss Delila ate popcorn with eyes glued to the screen only looking away to take a drink. She was so good! She only got scared one time which consisted of waving her arms and declaring scary scary scay…no tears though. A little advice, never share a drink with Delila she is a big time drink hog, always has been and most likely always will be.

Drink hog in action…

355/365 drink hog

eyes glued to the screen..lips glued to the straws.

princess and the frog


3 thoughts on “355/365 princess and the frog

  1. ohmygosh that is adorable. PLEASE look at her how wide her eyes are looking at the screen.
    ps..would D please pass on her sitting still skilllz to miss lu. she was all over the place watching that movie:)
    merry christmas to your sweet family!

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