339/365 so cold we were giddy

We had another show today and it was COLD!!! We were cracking up and acting like fools. Good times!

339/365 Silly UNA

3 thoughts on “339/365 so cold we were giddy

  1. WHAT????? You DORK!!!! I can’t believe you put that picture up!!!! I am going to get you tomorrow…still cold by the way!

  2. What in the world? Fine, I just pulled up the 10-day forecast – what is going on there? Highs in the low 60’s? That’s better than the teens like here, but not what I was expecting. I have to totally re-strategize my packing now!

    Hope the show goes great!!!

  3. Where did you get the hat in the picture. My daughter needs one just llike that for school. did you make it? If you did, can I buy one from you? We need it by December 18th. Thanks

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