287/365 black bean soup (ez squeezy)

267/365 black bean soup

Sometimes I cook the beans from scratch but not today. We like this soup on the salty side if you don’t I would suggest you rinse the beans and add fresh water instead of bean juice 🙂

In a large saucepan-
5 cans of black beans with juice
5 cups of water
3 chicken bouillon
5 t ground cumin
2 T olive oil
8 green onions dice the white (save the green for later)
Let simmer for 30 minutes.
add 1/4 cup chopped cilantro
cover and let sit for 5 minutes
add pepper to taste
serve over rice
garnish with fresh lemon juice, chopped cilantro, avocado, chopped green onion and sour cream (optional)

what did you make for dinner tonight? I am always looking for ideas!


6 thoughts on “287/365 black bean soup (ez squeezy)

  1. The picture looks so appealing, tonight we had barbequed porkchops. with steam rice, and saute juliened cabbage with garlic, salt, pepper. I just marinated porkchops for 3 hrs, in a mixtures of garlic, fishsauce, soysauce,sugar, black pepper,oil, and chopped lemon grass, you taste the mixture to test for the balance flavor of sweetness, saltiness, and spiceness before marinate , then cook them quickly on the grill. We like our chops with bone, and some fat for their flavorfull, and saute your cabbage with garlic, salt, pepper,and green onion. Voila, you will have a wonderfull meal with cooking time in 45-50 minutes…

  2. YOU are AMAZING. That looks delicious.

    What did I make for dinner tonight? I went to the freaking grocery store (the crappy one, not even the good one), bought four of those nasty ass, sickly-looking, half-calcified “chicken” strips that aren’t fit for human consumption, brought them home, made microwaveable mashed potatoes, hacked up two of the “chicken” strips, threw everything on two plates, and told my kids to enjoy.

    After the day we had, they’re lucky they ate.

    After the night we had, they might get the same thing for breakfast if it involves less effort than making instant plain oatmeal, scooping some cottage cheese into a bowl, and slicing up a banana and strawberries.

    If you have the Mom of the Year award, send it my way. Or any leftover soup.

    (P.S. Ignore the last comment. Wrong WP account.)

  3. Well, since last night’s dinner was not a big hit (I have no idea why, it was just baked chicken) I made spaghetti with garlic bread. It’s a dinner I know my kids will totally eat. I can sneak carrots in the sauce and they never know the difference!

  4. Last night was a slow cooker disaster but we do have a new fav, roasted butternut squash spaghetti, has garlic, pancetta, walnuts, grated cheese, green onion garnish and use whole wheat noodles. Yummy. I love black beans but never thought to use your garnish, that really kicks it up a notch. As always your pics are lovely.

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