278/365 arghhhhh!!!

I have recently become a big e*bay fan. I love to shop but times are tough. The solution? I have been selling things on e*bay and then I turn around and buy things on e*bay, It’s a lot of fun! It’s also a form of recycling. I have been trying to get a good picture of this dress for three days now.I have probably taken 50 pictures I kid you not! It is a light shade of pink with little pearl accents which make it a pain to photograph. Sucks because it’s really pretty even though the picture does not do it justice. Oh well! The e*bay thing is fun and you all should give it try.

278/365 arghhh


3 thoughts on “278/365 arghhhhh!!!

  1. Ooooh. That is a very pretty dress. I also do the same thing on EBay. Of course, I usually wind up selling an entire summer wardrobe and then buying three custom outfits for a holiday. Not quite a great “trade,” but at least I am not spending tons of money on Thanksgiving turkey outfits with the kids’ names embroidered on them that they can only wear once.

    Hubby is big into recycling, so maybe I will try to convince him that is what I am doing!

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