238/365 sleep

*sorry guys I thought this was a national brand. It’s just a cheaper version of pedisure. Henry loves the strawberry flavor (I think it’s foul but hey it’s not for me).


238/365 sleep

is wonderful stuff! Henry drinks a half a cup before bed every night. We give him some oatmeal and he sips his magic cuppy and presto chango we have a boy who sleeps thru the night. It is amazing! The days are so much better, I no longer feel nauseous and exhausted. Henry used to wake up 2-5 times a night. I wanted to share earlier but I did not want to jinx it.


4 thoughts on “238/365 sleep

  1. I will definitely need to find some of that! Can you get it anywhere or is it specific to somewhere like Trader Joe’s (where I’ve still not yet been, but am planning a trip soon!)? I found oatmeal at night to be magical too, but Delaney doesn’t care for it again at the moment. She still wakes at least once sometimes more a night too, I’d love to really get the all-night thing down. I hope Henry is sleeping in later for you in the mornings now too!!! Thanks for the sharing!

  2. Ok, nevermind on the “where to find it” question. Thanks to Google, I will now just live in jealousy as we don’t have Safeway here. But I’ll have to watch out for something similar at the stores we do have… 🙂

  3. What is it — is it just a pediasure-type thing or is there something that should make them sleep better in there too? Oh my god, if it works for us like it works for you I’m going to be forever in your debt. Lucy’s KILLING me with the nighttime wakings.

  4. Yes, I was wondering the same as everyone else. Is it a pediasure-like drink? Binh drinks Pediasure all the time, mixed with milk or alone. Is it helping Henry sleep b/c his little belly is full? Hey, whatever. Good for you! I had no idea so many people had sleep problems with their little ones. Thank God I don’t have that one, at least, though my son may be in diapers when he starts kindergarden!:0 (or at least it feels that way right now..)

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