237/365 captain underpants

My littlest mister took his nap wearing underpants (his request)!!! We even went somewhere in the car- NO accidents! I am in awe of my little guy, he just turned two! Um..does anyone know where to buy tiny underwear? The 2T’s are so baggy on his little bottom!

237/365 captain underpants


4 thoughts on “237/365 captain underpants

  1. We had the same problem with our boys….the best we found were 2T at the Disney store.

    Congrats to Henry (and to you)!!! Huge milestone!

  2. LOL! Those undies are too funny. I have the same problem with Binh. I washed his undies in hot water and dried them to try to shrink them. Then again, Binh is almost 29 months and has no problem going in his pants at any time. He could use a lesson from Henry- or maybe I am the one that needs the lesson from you!

  3. Gymboree undees in the very smallest size fit my girls tiny, tiny tush at not-quite 2 years old.

    Childrens place tiniest size (I think they are 2’s, but they’re small) also worked.

    I don’t know if they fit boys that small because my boy was 3 before he mastered that skill!

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