226/365 finger printing- check

*Our home study certification is going to expire soon. We are working on all the steps to become re-certified. We have not readopted Henry yet so we need to be certified to do that. Sorry guys I did not mean this as a tickler, i just ran out of time (we had dance tonight). We are talking about adopting one more time. There is no way i could handle another little one right now. If we were to adopt again I think we would be adopting from Ethiopia. I would love to have another baby girl but I am going to age out for an infant pretty soon. So if we get accepted by an agency and if we get court approval from our state and if we can come up with the money we will do it one more time.*

226/365 fingerprinting


6 thoughts on “226/365 finger printing- check

  1. Oh wow! Are you going for it again? I’d love too, but since I don’t play the lottery, there’s little chance of me winning the $$ to do it again..

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