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242/365 breakfast

This morning I made a Thai red curry noodle soup. I topped Will and Ethan’s soup with a fried egg (just like Vietnam). I am finding that the happier I get that I am cooking and creating more. As my relationship blossoms with my boys I am truly enjoying making them special treats. It comes from my heart and I love to see how happy it makes them.

242/365 breakfast

239/365 Ginger Spaghetti

239/365 ginger spaghetti

This is so simple it’s hardly a recipe. I use the food processor but I have hand grated in the past.

We really like ginger so I use a pretty big peice.


I grate the ginger by itself and saute it with some olive oil. We are also big olive oil fans so I use a a lot.

grated ginger

Then I grate two zucchini and three carrots I add them to the pan with the ginger cover and simmer until the veggies are tender.

carrots and zuchinni

When the veggies are tender, salt and pepper. You can eat it like this with pasta and olive oil but I usually add a jar of marinara and let it simmer for about 10 minutes. I like it best with angel hair pasta. The littles eat it with rotini or penne.

Green Thursday

Reduce Reuse Recycle. We have been hardcore recycling. Only things that are non food and non recycleables go into the trash. Cooked food scraps (not that we have very many my kids can eat!) go down the disposal and raw food scraps (except for meat) go into the compost pile. We have gone from two bags of garbage a day (including diapers) to 2 bags a month. That’s 60 bags a month down to 2 bags a month.

238/365 sleep

*sorry guys I thought this was a national brand. It’s just a cheaper version of pedisure. Henry loves the strawberry flavor (I think it’s foul but hey it’s not for me).


238/365 sleep

is wonderful stuff! Henry drinks a half a cup before bed every night. We give him some oatmeal and he sips his magic cuppy and presto chango we have a boy who sleeps thru the night. It is amazing! The days are so much better, I no longer feel nauseous and exhausted. Henry used to wake up 2-5 times a night. I wanted to share earlier but I did not want to jinx it.