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204/365 custom order

I am working on my second custom order. So much fun! Every time someone orders something it makes teary, you all are so nice.

204/365 peek

200/365 bed

I am sick. I caught Delila’s SORE throat coughing aching death sickness. I think what finally did me in was the 17 hour drive. I think that driving straight thru was one the stupidest things that I have done in a long time. Seriously it kicked my butt. And no I have not gone to the doctor. I do feel better than I did yesterday but not good, if you know what i mean. I am counting the hours until bedtime. Enough whining.

On a happier note I want to say that it is so nice to have my family all together again. The boys came home happy and recharged. We have made a pact to try very hard to hold onto this feeling. The last almost two years have been very hard. I don’t talk about it here but if you know me in real life you know. I am so grateful to my parents for once again giving us all a break. My Dad has been the one person who plays with my boys and teases them and tickles them when my heart is so heavy that I can barely make thru the day. Thank you Daddy! It takes a village and I am so lucky to have mine.

woo hoo only 4 more hours!
200/365 bed glorious bed