211/365 jumping for joy

Today we had our follow up appointment at the Endocrinologist (growth doctor). He said that the boys are late bloomers. Will has the bone age of an 8 1/2 year old and Ethan a 9 year old. This is a good thing because it gives them extra time to grow. If they keep growing at the same rate Ethan will be 5’6″ and Will will be 5’7″. We are all so relieved! The boys are very small and have not grown very much since we have been home. I’m not going to lie I was worried, they were very worried. They are 4′ now and weigh 56 pounds, they will be 11 in ten days. See why we were concerned? Add your 5 year old amazon cousin and your amazon 2 year old little sister, yikes! I put tape on the wall and marked it with their future heights. Happy happy boys!

211/365 jumping for joy


6 thoughts on “211/365 jumping for joy

  1. I don’t know if you remember me, but we adopted our Vietnamese son around the same time as you. Ours will be 10 years old in 12 days and weighs 52lbs even though he eats tons!

  2. Teegan was the exact same size (and weight) at their age. I think he will probably be about 5’7″ too (also his dad’s height). he seems itty-bitty to me, especially next to his gigantic brother.

  3. Is it wrong I was peeking at the pic at Bunny and D on the wall?;)
    Well, glad to hear about the boys. It gives me hope for my 22lb.- 6mo. pant wearing 28 month old boy. D is the only little one from Vietnam I have heard of described as an Amazon! ha~!

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