A river runs thru it.

The “river” being snot and the “it” being my house. The littles have been sick for over a month. I am in horror over the endless amount of goo that oozes from their crusty little noses. Very GROSS. I almost lose it every time a stream of gook leaks out of Hanky’s nose and heads for his mouth. Gag!!!!! Seriously I have a hard time driving I get so disgusted. Ewwwww!!!!

7 thoughts on “A river runs thru it.

  1. I totally hear ya – we just CANNOT seem to get rid of D’s snot nose for more than a few days out of the last two months. It’s amazing yet totally disgusting. The bubbles she can blow are almost a work of art. If I had that times two I think I’d lose my mind (well, not that I have one left at this point anyway, but still)…

  2. It is a hilarious term, and it ‘s so yucky, when they lick that river stream running down to their lips, I hope the river dry up soon.

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